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  • Luisa Ramirez

The Wisdom of Nature

The world was created in a balanced and perfect way. Our bodies, perfect too. Our organs functioning individually to make the body work. Similarly, nature provides everything; each species has its place, which contributes to the balance of the system. It is enough to stop and look at nature to see its beauty and recognize that it has everything that human beings need: food and resources for the things we use, from paper for a book to wood to build a house.

Our ancestors were aware of the perfection of nature and respectfully borrowed the things they needed from it, while appreciating what it provided them, and consequently making adequate use of the resources. Their contact with nature allowed them to listen to it, know its pains and make changes, if necessary. With humility, they recognized the goodness immersed in nature and the human being, which as part of the whole, flowed in harmony.

Time passed and human beings, in an effort to improve their living conditions, gave different uses to the resources that nature offered them. Little by little and without realizing it, the human being lost his connection with nature. Perhaps, because now was in a city, in a cement maze that did not allow him to see what was evident before:

The flow of a river that indicates that everything flows;

The movement of water in the sea that indicates that things are coming and going;

The sunrise and sunset that indicates the beginning of a new day to enjoy and the night to rest;

The growth of a tree that indicates the connection with the soil through its roots;

The plants that absorb from the soil and air the nutrients they need to live; and

The animals that reflect nobility, wisdom, and strength to survive in the ecosystem.

Recognizing this, our ancestors knew that everything was provided by nature and each being had an important place within this system in order to maintain its balance.

Why are we disconnected from nature?

The modern individual has changed his lifestyle and priorities. Health, food, and shelter are still important, but since they are acquired through monetary transactions, humans recognize natural value. A child who grew up in the countryside knows that the sun, water, soil, and insects hold importance on the good harvest of strawberries and by extension, values these natural resources. In contrast, another child who grew up in the city will eat those strawberries, knowing that they came from the countryside, but not actually seeing all the efforts that were required to have them be provided to him.

Return to the simple

Nowadays people want the best for themselves: a better body, a better house, a car, a job, and so on. However, humans have already been provided with the best, however, we get distracted by such an information overload, that we do not dedicate enough time to reflect and connect with ourselves and with nature.

The best that people have received is their life, their positive circumstances, and the other people around them. Although some situations may seem dysfunctional or difficult at times, they serve a purpose for our personal growth. Perhaps to recognize that and connect with ourselves, we must seek our roots and return to a simpler way of thinking, where we enjoy nature more and worry less about material things.

Time to awaken consciousness

When was the last time you enjoyed a day in the countryside? When was the last time you swam in the sea? When was the last time you did something good for nature, like helping an injured animal, planting a tree, cleaning a beach, or picking up your city’s trash to prevent pollution? Have you visited a farm that produces the fruits and vegetables you eat every day to find out how they are harvested? Do you know what the trees are like where the peaches you eat in your salad grow? Do you know the body of water where the water you drink at home comes from?

we are called to connect with our origins, to take the earth with our hands. It is time to know that the happiness of the heart can be found when we give ourselves time and space to connect with nature.

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