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Est. 2018

Apply to a Tier 3 Position

Use the application form below to apply to an Executive Staff Position.

Before you apply, let us tell you about the jobs.

Qualifications - Do I need to have any experience to apply?
Yes. Executive staff members (Tier 3 positions) must have a minimum of 1-year experience as a writer in order to apply for a Tier 3 position.

What you need to commit to

  • No more than 4 hours of work per week.

  • Attend 1 executive staff meeting each week.

  • Submit at least 1 quality article per issue.

What you get

  • Access to the TAV Times staff office.

  • Leadership experience.

  • Experience with a more specific skill.

  • Compensation in the form of an honorarium

Sounds like something you're ready for? Apply.

Executive Staff - Application Form
The TAV Times

Application received successfully. We will contact you.

After you have applied

Who reviews my application?
The Editor-In-Chief is responsible for reviewing all Tier-2 applications. The EIC has the right to appoint any qualified staff member to a position.

Will I receive training?
Yes. The Editor-In-Chief will provide executive staff with training for their position.

Can I move up in position?
Yes. However, the highest-ranking position at The TAV Times is the Editor-In-Chief. The EIC works on a term basis and is selected through certain criteria. See the EIC page for full details.

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