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The Editor-In-Chief

The EIC's role is to ensure that all staff members have clear objectives and are meeting these objectives, operations are running smoothly, the quality of the content is being checked, the brand is cohesive throughout all platforms, and contemplates the long-term goals of the publication. The EIC will also work alongside their creative and administrative team to recruit new writers, train new writers, and retain existing writers.

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How Could I Become The Editor-In-Chief?


The EIC position functions on a term-in-office basis, meaning each editor-in-chief holds their position for one year only. This system allows for each leader of The TAV Times to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the publication and brand.


The EIC is selected by the TAV College Student Experience Advisor in the Winter semester; an announcement regarding the call for applications is sent to all students by email in March. The criteria used for the selection process are the following:

  • The candidate held a TAV Times administrative position (Tier 3) for at least one semester OR the candidate submitted a short application letter stating why they would be a strong candidate, their objectives, and what makes them unique (priority is given to Tier 3 TAV Times staff);

  • Must be a TAV student or alumnus;

  • The candidate received an endorsement from the current Editor-in-chief (not required, but a significant asset).

What are the benefits?


This unique opportunity allows young students to hold a management position and gain real leadership experience without the pressure of corporate-level responsibilities. The Editor-in-chief receives the training required to perform their tasks and manage their team from the outgoing EIC as well as receives guidance and advice from the TAV College Student Experience Advisor throughout their time in office. 


This is an hourly-paid position. As the position may require between 10 - 20 hours of work per week, the College offers a part-time level hourly wage for the position to substitute as a typical part-time job. The amount is determined based on the applicant's level of experience.


Meet The Current EIC

Mansuer Mohammed


Mansuer is in his final semester of the Digital Marketing program and brings to the role a dynamic perspective with many stories to share with The TAV Times readers.

He was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates and moved to Turkey as a teenager where he finished his last year of high school. From a young age, Mansuer was praised by his teachers for his natural writing skills.


Being a writer whose first language is not English, Mansuer's principal goal as the new EIC is to encourage other students to find the same level of passion and joy that he finds in writing and not feel embarrassed about writing skills. He wants others to see writing as an outlet to share stories, and ideas, and ultimately improve their writing skills. Additionally, he wants to foster a stronger sense of community within The TAV Times staff. His guiding philosophy as a leader is that they do not work for him, they work with him. Together, he assures that The TAV Times will continue to produce high-quality and original content.


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