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The color that soothes our days as calm as the Pacific OceanThe positive effects of blue on our min

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Home, our safest place, where our heart is. The place we share our saddest and happiest moments with our beloved ones. Home, where we feel hope, love, and peace. Home, where we have our colorful stuff, each by each and one after another, bought by love, taste, and passion. Colors deliver new spirits to our place and create different feelings and moods in us every day. Home is the place that belongs to us. The place where we decorate it however we like. No one can tell it is not lovely because it is. It represents us, and we are unique.

The impact of colors on our mind

It is an undeniable and significant fact that colors impact our minds. They all influence our brains, depending on our gender, age, ethnic background, and climate.

Consequently, considering our mood and shopping based on our brain needs can help us elevate our spirit to a more pleasant level.

And YES, maybe it is time to think about a few new decoration accessories to create a

unique design scheme.

What is Color?

According to Ashley Esaak's article on the ThoughtCo website, color is the element of art that produces when the light that is striking an object reflects back to the eye.

In art design, color is primarily subjective. It contains features such as harmony and temperature.

Color is also a sensation. It is a human reaction to a hue arising in part from the optic nerve, in part from education and exposure to color, and the human senses.

The psychological effects of blue on the brain

Looking at The Art Career Project site, we realize that using blue in the interior design helps us to bring down blood pressure and slow our respiration and heart rate. Moreover, you can always use a bold deep hue to add a feeling of confidence, loyalty, trust, and success.

You can consider using light or pastel blue to add tranquility or a feeling of understanding and softness. Deep midnight blue can also create a sense of luxury, notably when used in a bedroom.

Blue, a color without limits

Kathy Kou, the CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, a recognized tv personality, and an aspirational interior designer explained the anthology of color in his article on the “kathykuohome” site.

Kou talks about the preferable color blue, and how it works as an addition to almost any color. She illustrates her idea by explaining how each color has an anthology of shades and hues and how it is tricky when we need to find a soothing red or a bright and fun gray.

According to her, blue does not have any limits.

  • We can add pale blue to soften a corner or a space.

  • For a firm regal flare we can easily choose a dramatic blue.

  • We can try a bright blue for an electric pop of color or stick with a neutral shade for a glamorous color to paint the walls.

  • Using Turquoise is a great way to decorate children's rooms or for a hip midcentury look.

  • Add Aqua to your space and spread a feeling of feminine or beach-y, or use it in a tween girl’s bedroom.

  • Caribbean Blue is a perfect choice for children's rooms. We can also use it as a bright pop of color for an accessory item.

What to do with a limited budget?

A decorative stoneware modern dark blue vase on the dining table, a few Boho throw or light blue pillows to put on the sofa, blue frame mirrors in different shapes and sizes to decorate the bathroom or bedroom, a white and blue pouf for the corner, a blue rustic wood beach style shelves for a small hallway, and even a big picture of the beautiful aspiring blue sea, all help us to deliver the feelings of peace, confidence, calmness and secure into our home without spending lots of buckets.

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