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TAV will soon have a rooftop garden lounge

TAV is proud to present the official plans for the new campus building that is currently under construction at 5995 Boulevard Decarie.

Photos and renderings prepared by Les Architects Joly Baygin

*Please note that these photos are part of the architects proposal plan and are subject to change. Contact our communications department for more information:

Some of the main features of the new building are:

  • Multimedia/library centre (see figure 10)

  • Study rooms (see figure 9)

  • Rooftop garden lounge (see figure 4)

  • Step seats in the grand foyer (see figures 5 & 6)

  • Exterior garden-lounge spaces (see figure 5)

The plans for this building were also designed to place an emphasis on accessibility, transterior design and mental wellbeing. These features are demonstrated through:

  • Indoor garage bike storage (see figure 10)

  • Emphasis on exterior lounge spaces with greenery (see figures 3, 4 & 5)

  • Accessibility ramps (see figure 5)

Fig 2. Architects rendering of the front (right profile) of the building

Fig 3. Architects rendering of the back of the building

Fig 4. Rendering of the “rooftop garden lounge”

Fig 5. Rendering of the ground floor with large stair steps and outdoor garden spaces

Fig 6. Architects proposal for step seats concept in the grand foyer

Fig 7. Architectural rendering of the front elevation

Fig 8. Architectural rendering of the back elevation

Fig 9. Floor plan of the sixth floor with private study rooms

Fig 10. Floor plan of the 2nd basement with a multimedia/library centre

Fig 11. Floor plan of the 1st basement indoor garage

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