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  • Mansuer Mohammad

A message from the Editor-In-Chief

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Photo: Abdushkur Abdulkareem

The TAV Times has given me the honor and privilege of being the third editor-in-chief. De La Soul sang that 3 is a magic number and likewise, I intend to bring magic to the TAV Times.

The challenge is what convinced me to take on this position and the learning opportunities it came along with. The TAV Times was already at its best thanks to the two previous editor-in-chiefs Justin Hand-Gregory and Esty Rosenfeld. I intend to continue its quality delivery and give the magazine a personality.

As the new editor-in-chief, my objectives are to carry on the previous editors' work and try to give the magazine a unique look and feel. I aim to make students feel as if they're reading a magazine, rather than just reading it. I want to infect them with the idea that they're discovering a whole world within a magazine. My goal is for the magazine to not just be a news source for the school, but also a source that can bring students together. I look forward to the adventures ahead of me in this new journey.

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