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NFR? Who are they?

Photo: Luca Fagella

NFR Podcast: What's it about?

NFR Podcast is a hip-hop music podcast, building content for the genre's most intelligent and passionate fans. The NFR stands for Not For Radio. They are committed to making content for hip hop enthusiasts and people(like me) that like listening to podcasts about music.

They marvel at the creativity and innovation of hip hop artists and creators with their content and a little fun fact, Drake follows them. That tells you the NFR Podcast is not your average podcast and you would not want to be missing out on their content.

NFR Podcast: How it started?

Started as two longtime friends who simply wanted to talk and express their passion for the hip hop genre, from their humble beginnings to today where they now have a huge fanbase. NFR Podcast was an audio-only podcast at first, and realizing the potential to get bigger, they stepped up their content and by adding video to the mix, the NFR Podcast has become an engaging podcast for the hip hop music circle and enthusiasts.

NFR Podcast: The social media team?

They are also my classmates, showing how small the world is! I had the chance to talk to them and get to know more

about the podcast and they were very passionate and informative in their answers.

What do you like about working with the NFR Podcast?

Working alongside our best friends has allowed us to flourish honestly. Considering that many of us have been friends for more than half of a decade, if not more than a decade in some cases, the sense of unity and comfortableness is a huge asset when discussing working on the podcast. Because we all know each other, we all know exactly what we want from this project and what we expect to happen with it.

That also includes having tough reflective conversations analyzing and critiquing whether or not where we are currently is where we want to be indefinite; the answer is no. The goal will always be to improve, because if not you stay stagnant.

We all, in a collaborative effort, make decisions that strive to push the brand forward, which on a personal level, has brought us even closer together.

How was the journey for the podcast from the start to where it is today? What differences do you see?

The beginning of the podcast stemmed from another project that had started some time earlier. Sticking to the same subject matter, hip-hop music coverage, the original vision was to create a digital platform discussing all things related to the music genre.

Things had altered when the podcasting idea was mentioned and just like that, Not For Radio Podcast was born.

A major difference from when we had started to now is our level of comfortability speaking and communicating to our audience.

When we had first started, carving our unique content ideas and branding them was something that took some time to develop. However, now people who watch or listen to our episodes are accustomed to what we offer. Setting the foundation for what we stand for was the most difficult thing to communicate.

Just seeing how many other hardcore hip-hop fans are still in tune with the genre and passionate about what’s going on in the scene today has been phenomenal to witness. At the end of the day, we created a strong community of people seeking engaging conversations centered around their favorite artists. They are fans of the

music just as much as we are. Authenticity is what matters, always.

Anything you’d like to say to the students about the podcast?

If you enjoy hip-hop news updates, games, heated debates & much more, this is exactly what you can expect every single week.

We offer the ultimate viewing experience on many different social media channels, so you’re always staying connected to everything hip hop.

As always, much love and thanks for all the support you’ve given us thus far. It’s been truly special and we're very excited to have you guys on board our podcast.

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