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  • Miranda Alvarez

One Man’s Loss is Another Man’s Treasure

Photo: Paulina Aboumrad

“Writing music during the pandemic was a blessing in disguise” @marzmates is one of the three artists I interviewed to help me understand how a musician's inspiration, songwriting, and creative process was affected by the effects of COVID-19.

The Change

When COVID hit everybody's lives changed drastically. Lockdown was the first realization that we had about how serious this was, nobody knew what was going on, how long this was going to last, and everyone's reactions were different. Individuals did what they could to keep themselves entertained by taking up a new hobby, spending time with family or just relaxing and waiting for things to be over.


I'm not going to lie, I'm a very picky music listener.I am very surprised with how much new music I've been enjoying since the pandemic started, music took a turn for sure. We saw it with artists like Taylor Swift with the release of“Folklore” and “Evermore”, but we also saw some new artists like Olivia Rodrigo with her debut album “Sour”. A group that really caught my attention was Brockhampton’s “Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine”. It touched on a lot of different topics that the group members had not refered on before as much, such as racism, suicide and sobriety.

“I generally felt lonelier during the pandemic, so it helped me write the songs I wrote” @blynkofaneye_ shared.I think a lot of artists can relate to getting inspiration from their internalized realization of how it feels like to be alone. We don’t necessarily need to be outside, going on adventures and experiencing craziness to get a sense of what is going on inside of our souls, and @marzmates worded it beautifully “I discovered that I don't necessarily need exterior sources to fuel my pen.”

It’s all about the love

Honestly, I feel like the musicians did great. I can't complain about the new music. As Lucas Yifru said, “With more time came a better opportunity to show the world what I got and show them what I really love to do”. I guess artists having more time on their hands to make music they like has shown their audience and themselves that hard work pays off.

The Outcome

The bottom line is that isolation helped create art and that is something which hopefully all of us can relate to and get inspired from. In times of chaos, desperation, and negativity, we can see a positive outcome.

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