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  • Durganshi Jal

Human revolution

With the fleeting days of growing up,

with the souls all dolled-up, (in a human body).

We search for the survival,

Survival of the sensations that woe you half,

Part in the path, you search for love in your heart.

Then you find the one that invades your head.

carrying all the emotions

A shelter to stay and food to eat,

In between all the apathetic

You find humans who you actually believe in

It anchor your souls

and attacks your hearts

Asks your brain and takes you too far

All the questions get answers and you feel so cordial

When you encounter somebody similar, it amalgamates your paths

Day by day it gets stronger

Strongest pace by far

Then feelings come in between

And it all gets deflected

A good and a bad some individuals are confused

Some confessing the truth,

Some mocking in disputes

The human connection to them is wrecked,

and the connections between it are left is left shattered.

So the spectators walked blindly on their way,

Never stopping to ponder it may be them soon after.

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