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There was no cause to write happy

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

A house with a high on
Photo Source: Unsplash

When you mentioned home, memories seemed to have faded away

how it smelled was forgotten

how it broke into floating letters





was remembered.

How we were fed only

for the worms in our graves

for its darkness to wrap us soothingly.

I was neither born with a silver spoon

nor did I know what a "soft war" is


my dreams faded

and memories began to be silenced

by the earth

where it was nurtured.

Home was terrible than the mouth of shark

I loved it

I absorbed the pain that flowed therein… yet! its sourness would always taste candied.

Those times

dark moments,

bleeding hearts.

I wanted them

those moments of ironic happiness

those memories I burnt

for what could never be like home

for lies that spooked me

I lost them all

to what they painted home to be…"riot"

and I forgot home

is the place where my story began.

Why should I have written “happy” when my pen bled not about HOME.

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