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  • Mayyah_Pithy (pen name) Ameenah Salami

Did you grill her to God's taste?

Image source: Canva

Her smile

can split the moon

in two.

A prayer of curls


Sparkles of pearls,

her hair.

When she was younger,

she was almost a saint

She painted herself piousness

For years she smelled of mild and growing flesh.

Known to be a damsel.


was her name

She was taught modesty

not until

she grew towards

her early twenties

And a saint

became a knave

Possessed that

of a snake.

Kept muttering,

"I will grill myself to my taste."

And showed that

no generation of

the python

is friendly,

And told that

their kisses and spittles

are filled with dark

poisons as

to what had been


her sanctity.

A voice asked

from beneath

a broken piece:

"Did you grill her to God's taste?"

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