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Early childhood education program: integration project topics

Similar to the A.L.C. program at TAV, the Early Childhood Education

students, after three years of studies, are asked to present a synthesis project to a committee in

order to graduate from the program. This project should demonstrate the students' expert knowledge

of the industry, as well as their ability to effectively educate the youth of tomorrow.

I asked the supervising instructor, Gabriella Campanelli, to provide me with a list of her

students' chosen integration project topics.

This year's synthesis exam asks student to base their projects on promoting either language &

literacy or math skills.

Firoozeh Azbi Bachari

Created a Marble Run Math Game focusing on quantification & simple addition.

Louella Fe Barana

Created a Ball Toss Game for toddlers based on sorting primary colors while focusing on color


Laura Johns

Created plexiglass color-coded sequencing and numbering pattern boards, to reinforce math concepts.

Zoe Pigeon

Created a language/vocabulary “Sorting by Food Groups” game, based on the book be Very Hungry


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