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Cheap Montreal activities for a study break

1. Cafe - Leaves House

Plants and trees have been hailed for their de-stressing, anti-anxiety and air purifying properties. With that being said, Montreal's Cafe Leaves is the perfect spot to take a break from studying and grab a coffee.

2. Art Classes

There's something inexplicably calming about making something-anything with you hands. The Visual Arts Centre has some great art classes that, although can come at a high cost, will give you some much needed peace of mind.

3. Learn to Skate

Ice skating is probably one of the most Canadian winter activities ever. For students who may not know how to skate, there are many great courses offered in Montreal to get you out there (confidently) on the ice.

4. Go to an arcade

Take a trip back to the 80s, grab some friends and go to the arcade! Analog gaming systems, Pac-Man and air hockey... Can a break from studies get any better than that?

5. Visit an Art Museum

Montreal is internationally known for its art scene and more specifically, for its incredible art museums. Also, many of the museums offer a student discount!

Montreal Art Museums

  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

  • Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal

  • Arsenal Contemporary Museum Exhibitions

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