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  • Esty Rosenfeld

A Force of Life

You know how it is when the moonlight glows more than the gold-filled sun and softly caresses your skin

It’s when the tide lowers to reveal beautiful pools of life hidden between entrenched boulders

It’s when you swim oceans in a day, that you come up gasping for air, wishing you’d have surfaced for a breather

It’s when you cover that same time and distance following the tide that you can catch your breath and keep your head above the water

It’s the small and steady strokes in time that will get you to the other side of your Olympic sized dream

It’s when you throw your head back and see a straight path behind you when you really swam a lifetime to get to where you are

It’s when gravity runs its course and you collapse under the weight of your own shoulders that you know it’s time to take a step back

It’s when nature is telling you to take it low but nurture is pushing you to rise back up

It’s when life’s ups and downs meet at a place called routine and you just tread through it to survive

But you know how it is when the moon's gravity pulls again and you come down from where you were up in arms

It’s when the tide lowers that you get to plant your feet into the ground and wade the waters

It’s when you get a chance to withdraw that you can reset before the tide rises again

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