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  • Lucas Yifru

The Human Connection in a Digital World

Human Connection in a Digital Environment

Technology has been in our lives for a long time now. It has made a lot of progress since its inception. It has become an integral part of our everyday lives. It has changed the way we communicate. Every step of the way, technology was being developed in its dynamic ways.

The human connection evolved because of technological advancements. We connect with people in many ways that are fairly simple and straightforward to operate or use. We see people through our screens to converse and enjoy with each other, and we have these great moments that truly define how we connect with each other.

Cultivation of Human Connection in a digital space

The pandemic has made us connect to our others through our devices more than ever. We now attend our classes on our computer devices. Broadened examples would be, attending our meetings, our club gatherings and activities, and, finally, daily work meetings.

The creation of technology

The creation of digital media has changed the face of the world. We have all sorts of platforms available to use for our businesses, for building a fundraising page, for important causes, and way more in the technology aspect in which you can do so much.

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