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  • Aiman Alareqi

Artificial Intelligence: What do I need to know?

In a lot of movies, AI is portrayed as a bad thing, with the thought that it might become “self-aware” and try to destroy our world with an army of robots. As much as that’s possible, we are very far away from the truth. Let’s take a dive deeper into the subject.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI is the development of computers that can mimic and think like humans. It also refers to any machine that solves problems and has human-like learning abilities.

The main idea behind AI is its ability to make rational decisions and then follow through with the best actions according to those decisions.

Scientists use a lot of data with a lot of fast processing algorithms and specific conditions. When those conditions are met, AI does what’s told.

How is AI being used today?

In our day and age, AI is all around us, from personal assistants like Siri, to search engines on the Internet and much more. We use it more than we actually recognize or give it credit for.

Here are a few ways that AI is being used everyday:


Artificial intelligence applications in the health care system gives us customized medication and X-ray readings. Individual medical service aides can act as personal assistants, reminding you to take your pills, exercise or to eat better. It’s also being used for many surgical procedures in the operation room.


Computer-based intelligence gives virtual shopping abilities that offer customized suggestions and examine buying choices with the purchaser. Stock administration and site design advances will likewise be improved with AI.


AI can also dissect information as it streams from associated gear to gauge expected burden and request utilizing intermittent organizations, a particular sort of profound learning network utilized with succession information. Self driving cars are also becoming a major part of AI and perhaps our future lives eventually.


In financial establishments, AI methods can be utilized to recognize which exchanges are going to be fraudulent, adapt quick and precise credit scoring, as well as computerize physical information.

What are the risks of AI?

The learning curve on AI is large, especially with the huge amounts of data we can input into it. AI is going to change a lot in our lives and because of that we have to learn and understand its limits.

A lot of the worry regarding AI comes in the forms of privacy violation or job losses since a lot of the work AI is going to automate in the future is currently done by actual humans.

“I think that kind of argument is really overhyped. I think it overestimates the technology in terms of the speed of advancement.” – Li Deng, Chief AI officer, Citadel.

Final words

We have to work closely with AI, it improves our lives drastically but as we keep advancing the technology. Despite all the positive attributes, AI has brought to the world. There can be some negative implications that should be taken into consideration when using it.

We can’t stop progress, it’s inevitable.

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