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Technology & Time: How much time does technology actually save us?

Breaking the ice

We built technology to help us live life easier, right? We use it to save time and spend that time with our loved ones.

We humans in our current day and age have been reliant on computers, smartphones, e-mails, and recently with social distancing guidelines videoconferencing.

Human advancements

Being able to send a text message without using ink or paper or having to wait for it to go through a bunch of post offices to reach the recipient saves us a lot of time. What about phone calls? We can talk directly with the intended person without having to meet them in person. Pretty crazy how far we’ve come as a species.

Smartphones are getting better and better every day, and staying organized is a huge part of saving our precious time. Using our phones to keep up with school, work, as well as family and friends at any time is what this technology is all about. Accessibility is now easier than ever, but so is the ability to get distracted.

In order for technology to save us time, we have to understand that it is heavily user dependent. A person who is being distracted online by scrolling through social media is not saving time, but instead wasting their valuable time. On the other hand, a person who’s doing their job from home is saving the time of the commute to and from the workplace.

Actual numbers

According to an article written by Gemma Francis for The Independent, Mobile devices were also revealed to save people significant time. For example, the article claims that “mobile phones alone save people approximately 1 hour every week by making navigation more efficient and providing users with updates on traffic and public transport time.”

A poll conducted revealed that modern technology saves an average individual two weeks annually that would be spent on routine banking and shopping activities. For instance, “the survey showed that the amount of time spent in the bank is reduced by forty minutes every week in the last ten years as people embraced online and mobile banking.”

An article written by Alison McGuire for the Irish tech news states that, “at Marriott Hotels, 92 percent of business travelers originating from Spain, the UK, France, and Germany revealed that technology has made it possible for them to have more free time to engage in leisure while on their business trips.”

Final words

In conclusion, technology just like other things can be used for the wrong reasons or for the greater good. We can use it to create something terrible or something beautiful that helps humanity. The choice is all yours.

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