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TAV has began a small, private 3D printing project that is open to all students. 3D printing is an up-and-coming technology that is gradually innovating many industries on a global scale; Do I dare say, it may even change the world.

The new technology works by sending a detailed, schematic model rendering to the 3D printer’s computer. From here, the computer begins to slowly, layer-by-layer “print” the model it was sent. The printer uses a roll of thin plastic wiring that is fed to the printing arm and carefully heated to a specific temperature so as to be pushed outward through the printing pen and onto a surface where the model is created. Printing a small 3D model can take anywhere from one to forty plus hours to complete, depending on how detailed the model rendering is.

3D printing is virtually endless and its capabilities are limitless to the imagination of the creator. With that being said, TAV’s 3D Print Project is opening up their doors to any TAV student who is interested in printing something. Be it for creative, academic, or simple curiosity purposes, the college is offering the 3D printing of small objects for free! You are able to print in any color you wish. The only limitations are: Size and discretion. As this is an academic institution, we ask that no one sends 3D print models of anything inappropriate. Also, you will not be able to print anything larger than six inches high, by 6 inches wide.

We invite you to explore to discover unique and interesting 3D print models. To send a print request, contact Elie Saadé on Omnivox. Open to currently enrolled, TAV College students only. You are required to provide your TAV student ID number with your request.

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