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How fitness helps: Interview with personal fitness trainer Shevy Kimmel at TAV

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

A lot of practices are taken into ensuring we maintain good health. Fitness plays a role in our self-esteem and how we visualize ourselves. Several folks who go to the gym tend to have a positive image of themselves and often very good self-confidence. I had the chance to talk to Shevy Kimmel, a personal trainer at our gym here in TAV and she was able to explain the whole concept of how fitness is tied to our self-confidence.

How does going to the gym affect the way you visualize yourself

There are countless different reasons why people choose to go to the gym. We are constantly listening to motivational speeches, inspiring people with beautiful sculptured bodies, ads for muscular bodies, and so on, and placing focus on maintaining one's health.

I was a gym addict all my life, for me, it was simply a fun way of life. I loved to challenge myself with different exercises, routines, and competitions. So, when I started showing signs of high blood pressure, the doctor, and I, weren't eager to just rely on medication. I was determined to reverse the high blood pressure and face the challenge. Through various methods of training with high blood pressure, I succeeded in lowering my blood pressure and avoiding medication.

In 3 months, my blood pressure was back to normal. Gym for health!!!

As a trainer, have you noticed a change in a client’s confidence? If so, what clues did you pick up?

I find individuals will walk into a gym for the first time, stand there, and stare then turn to leave. They have been intimidated by others working out, by not knowing how to use the equipment, or simply if one isn’t physically fit. Once one has taken the first step into the gym, it is the first step to a new life.

As time goes by and they learn how to use the equipment, exercise properly, and maybe even shed some pounds if that was their goal, they will stand up taller, walk straighter, and start socializing with others.

They will progress in their exercises, and strength, and feel physically healthier.

What role does fitness play in feeling confident about yourself?

Ever hear the saying? We are our worst critics? Well, that’s true!! Shallow or not, vain or not. We look at ourselves in the mirror and there’s an 85% chance that we would like to change something about our looks. From the day we notice our imperfections, we try to hide them.

We don’t want anyone else to see it. There are many fitness goals when one is in the gym, and one is to perfect the imperfections that make us self-conscious and lose confidence. Once one has achieved their goal, their perception changes on the matter, and a renewed confidence kicks in.

what can one do to stay motivated and reach their fitness goals without being influenced by others?

As a trainer, I like to explain to clients that just like each person is an individual with their own personality and

experiences, so are their bodies. Although we all have the same muscles, bones, ligaments and so on, each person

differs in strength, age, medical history and other physical aspects.

Copying others might have you end up developing the wrong muscles, making you look more prominent in certain places you may not have wanted muscle growth.

Competing with others is just wasted energy and may stall your progress. I tell them to focus on their strengths. Keep track of your progress. Make it fun and join with a fun friend. Set a goal and time of end goal. Don’t perceive it as a chore but rather as an outing. I tell them to look into the mirror, now that’s your competition!!! Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being a better you!!!

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