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TAV will soon begin selling its very own custom hoodies for the first time ever. Students and staff will be able to purchase the hoodies for a fair price, according to college administrators, and will be able to show off their TAV pride in either a blue, orange or dark grey hoodie.

The original idea was to allow a student to design the hoodie's logo, however, after low participation in the TCSA's "Hoodie Design Contest," the College decided to have a logo designed by a staff member instead. However, the long-term goal is to have an annual hoodie design contest, just like the TAV agendas.

After asking students to vote on six different hoodie logos, via the College's Instagram page, the logo featured on the left was the winner by popular vote.

An estimated 900 custom units, of varying sizes and colors, will be shipped to the College and will be made available by online pre-order, at first, and then by in-person purchase from then on. The College decided to use a direct-from-manufacturer purchasing method to ensure that it gets the best quality product.

The logo design features the physical location of the College, the year it was established, and of course, its name.

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