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Each year I have the great pleasure of serving as an advisor to the College's student government program, the TCSA. This year, Karin, Lesly, Simranjit, and Aiman, the team who led the TCSA, managed to plan and organize some amazing initiatives despite the unprecedented difficulty of the college being online.

With the world gone virtual, our hate for Zoom and computer screens growing by the day, and everyone's attention span slowly diminishing, to say that the TCSA's 2020-2021 executive cabinet had a challenge to ensure that TAV students have a great student experience would be an understatement. Nonetheless, the team tried to organize online events, advocate for changes and do what they could, with what they had. I think it's important to recognize their efforts. So, here are just a few things that they did for you this year:

Advocating for Answers

The TCSA organized a meeting with the College's administration to allow students, who were anxious about in-person exams, to ask questions and get answers.

Prep for University: Virtual Café Hour

During a time when pre-university students were stressed about university applications, the TCSA organized a "virtual cafe" where students could ask questions and the TCSA would find them answers.

Online Games

To get minds away from academia and the pandemic, the TCSA organized several online gaming nights where students could socialize, play games and forget about COVID for a second.

TAV Sweaters

The idea to make custom TAV College sweaters was a project that was presented to the College by the TCSA!

TAV Environmental Club

The TCSA adopted a new club at TAV this semester, the "TAV Environmental Club" started by Lucas Yifru. The club will be responsible for presenting projects to improve the College's sustainability efforts.

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