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The Arts, Literature and Communication Integration Project Topics

Each winter semester, the Arts, Literature and Communication students of TAV are asked to prepare one of the biggest projects that they will create during their time at the College: An integration project. In short, the project is designed to demand that the students demonstrate as many skills and as much knowledge (that they have acquired during the two year program) as possible, and then apply these skills and this knowledge to one huge project. The course is usually supervised by TAV digital media instructor Jonathan Wilansky. This year, Jonathan has provided me with a list of the topics his students are focusing their projects on and I thought it would be interesting to share them with the College to provoke some thought and/or start a conversation!

Abigail Hazan

Breeder Dogs vs. Animal Shelter Dogs

Audrey Mamane

Mental Health Awareness in Schools

Christel Challita

Animal Testing in Cosmetics

Daphnée Valade

1 in 5: A look into Mental Illness

Jason Zack

Designing for Accessibility

Jonathan Harell

Global warming

Maria Ailamakis

Cannabis and the Teenage Brain

Marlena Goldberg

Can You Understand My Mind

Mitchell Stein

How Smartphones and Social Media Impact Our Health

Propa Alam

The Anti-Vaccine Movement

Sarah Papa

International Law

Simha Sabbah

Living Conditions in Prison

Vasilios Vroulis

The Financial Side of University

Yehouda Lallouz

Electric cars

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