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Michael Bloom, President

Hello, everyone. I am the president of the TCSA. I am in the Arts, Letters and Communications program. The reason I joined the student government is that I wanted to make student life more enjoyable, whether it’s by making slight adjustments to facilities in the school or making new clubs, or even running events. My goal is to make changes that stay with this college for a very long time and make everyone’s experience the best it can possibly be. My mandate as president is also to introduce sports teams here at TAV for the first time. This is a vision that is slowly coming to fruition as our first hockey team has been created.

Narissara Namkhan, Vice President of Finance

Hello friends and classmates! I’m your Vice President of Finance. I joined the student government in hopes that we can bring our school to great heights!

Lucas Yifru, Vice President of Communications

Hello fellow students! It’s your Vice President of Communications. I am part of the Arts, Letters and Communications program. I join the student government to provide opportunities and experiences for students, all while making the academic journey one to remember!

Saiyed Safwan Edroos, Vice President of Operations

Hello, my name is Saiyed Safwan Edroos. Yeah, I know... it's a long name, but you most probably still did not pronounce it properly anyway, so it's better to just keep it as Saiyed. I am a student in the Internet Marketing program and I am your appointed VP of Operations this year. So, in that case, you might see more fun activities and events throughout this period. To make TAV a more interesting and exciting experience, every suggestion will be appreciated and is welcomed.

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