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TAV introduces the social science program


TAV joined the ranks of the other major players in the Quebec College system this year by introducing a popular pre-university program amongst Quebec students in the Fall 2019 semester: Social Science. The social science profile of study is one of the most popular for good reason; it allows students to analyze well… themselves!


According to the TAV website, the social science option “analyzes the science and nature of society. You will learn about the social structures of a developed civilization and will be introduced to various perspectives of this social structure such as from an economic, political, psychological and engineering standpoint. In social science, you look at how society works as well as how people react and adapt to change.” In other words, social science students study people from many different perspectives. With that being said, people are an essential component to just about every other field of study imaginable, so with a College diploma in social sciences, students have a massive amount of university program options available to you to choose from.


With the implementation of this program, it is estimated that TAV’s enrolment will more than double in the years to come. With the campus expansion building that will be constructed at 5995 Decarie, who knows which programs will pop up at the College in the future.

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