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  • Tzvi Harrison

Some College Tips for University Preparation from a TAV Graduate

Learning vital skills required for University and future job prospects is a fundamental aspect of

education. We are constantly being prepared and equipped for the next stage of our lives. For me,

Cegep was a place to cultivate the ideas I had for my own future. It taught me a variety of skills

and topics that I find myself now us- ing almost everyday in university, the most important of

which is undoubtedly, essay writing. Aside from term papers, my university classes contain many

multiple-choice exams. The issue with standardized testing, however, is that it is based almost

entirely on short term memory capabilities, whereas essays deal with a deeper understanding of

the under- lying concepts discussed throughout lectures. The courses I took at TAV had a large

focus on essays with very few multiple-choice examinations. This taught me how to under- stand

material, instead of memorizing it, which is proving to be the most effective way to retain knowledge.

If I could speak to my past self, I would probably suggest focusing less on simply getting my

college diploma and worrying about “R-Score” and instead, focus on what really matters: Learning

how to properly comprehend any given topic, and find ways to make it as meaningful as possible.

The most important thing I realized from speaking with any teacher was that it is much easier to

learn when you are passionate about what it is you're being taught. Finding a path is not so much

about discovering what you are good at, but what interests you and can bring you closer to your

desired future goal.

Another thing that I would tell myself is that an important part of Cegep is taking courses that

span a variety of topics. Electives are not designed to fill your schedule, for me, they are a way

to broaden my horizons and learn many things that may lead to fields of interest that I had no

idea about. These courses taught me topics, skills, artforms and disciplines that I constantly use

to construct es- says, build thesis arguments and cultivate my own perceptions of things I never

would have had an interest in, prior to taking these courses.

Looking back, there is very little that I would change from my TAV experience. I learned a lot of

useful skills, met many interesting people, discovered leadership methods by working on group

projects and most importantly, made sure to always keep things positive because when learning

becomes a burden, very little of what is taught gets retained.

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