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Red Alert

Red alert. Red alert. Red alert.

All I’m hearing are these big loud sirens ringing in my brain.

But the truth is I’m not actually hearing anything at all.

We’ve gone from loud to silent to loud to silence again.

Every step we take forward feels like a million in the wrong direction.

Green and orange and yellow and red they’re just four different colours.

When did simple colours become our level of freedom?

Within splintering seconds the things we take for granted become those we wish for.

They say humans, loving beings need 10 hugs a day in order to prosper.

But how are we supposed to even feel alive when there’s no contact?

The right to embrace has become a privilege that we no longer hold.

The laughter and warmth we feel surrounded by those we love is gone.

Red Red Red and all I hear is Alone Alone Alone.

Where can we find the adequate meeting between physical and mental health?

Why must we sacrifice one for the other?

Why can’t we be selfish and greedy and have them both at the same time?

The right to breathe without suffocation has become Lethal.

What we hear on the news sounds like a dystopian land that I am simply not apart of.

Covid-19 has stripped me of my year 19.

My year, my life is not for me.

I cover and cleanse for the sake of my family.

The isolation that breaks my heart turns me into a hero.

We stay inside to be brave for those that can’t.

For the decisions I make don’t affect me but every person surrounding me.

How can we risk the safety of the cute, elderly couple walking down the street.

Yet I don’t feel like a strong person.

The ones we see in the middle of an action scene on big screens.

I feel the red slowly seeping into me.

Red sucks me dry of my drive.

Red suppresses my real needs to hold and to be held.

Red is scary. Red is sirens.

Red is loud. Red is lockdown.

Some days it rains so hard if feels like the sun is fast asleep.

The dark clouds consume the entire sky with no space for any sprinkling of light.

Days go by with storms of water that fill up holes and flood little villages.

But the grey will turn to white and the white to blue.

The damp earth will become dry.

The sun will shine and we’ll have our sign.

Rainbows never cease to appear after the ruins.

High in the sky explodes a stream of colours.

Colours so intense that humble us in the presence of G-D’s creations.

Red is bold. Red is bright.

Red brings terror to our eyes, blinding us to a surreal reality.

Red is death and Red is beautiful.

Red is the first we see.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green.

We don’t want red.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo,Violet.

We do want red.

The beginnings and the ends revolve around the colours.

Red can suffocate me and it can make me breathe again.

After every obstacle we have the pleasure of persevering through.

We see red.

My eyes are red from the storms of my own mind.

We are pained from all of the implications.

We push away our own clouds because all alone we can be strong.

Strong for those who aren’t.

Until the rainbow comes and puts us in a colourful haze.

Where Red will be Green.

For now we find our own rainbows.

We must be the sultry Red.

We must be the appealing Red.

We hold on and be the hero.

Let’s be the saviours whilst reframing Red into its own alluring category.

Red alert. Red alert. Red alert.

My Red will be my guide.

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