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  • Esty Rosenfeld

New Programs Coming to TAV

Personal Training

TAV is bringing back its personal training program. The college is working on implementing changes to the structure such as adding courses in nutrition. Additionally, the staff is advising the college on how to set up the new gym.

Computer Network, Architecture and Management

This program trains individuals to practice the profession of a network administrator (CNA) or a network technology technician.

Project Management

This program is geared to train students to act as technical support for a project manager or work as a project manager for an accounting firm or a company’s human, financial and material resources.

Special Education

TAV has reinstituted its inclusive intervention in the childhood education program. It’s geared towards graduates of early childhood care who wish to specialize. TAV has a partnership with the Commission Scolaire de Montréal which takes a large number of students on as employees. The college is additionally in the process and final stages of negotiating a partnership with the Centre Intégré Universitaire en Santé et Services Sociaux that will also be hiring students from the college.

Physical Education

The college may start offering gym classes throughout the year in addition to the intensives.

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