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Message From the Editor

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

It is my pleasure to serve as TAV College’s first, of hopefully many, editor-in-chief of the TAV Times news magazine. My objective with this news magazine is to create a reputable media source that the students, faculty and the surrounding community of TAV College may use to gain insightful information, as well as be entertained.

Although this news magazine is written by students, which could leave room for human error, a strong, well sourced reputation for this news magazine is what I will strive for. You as a reader can be certain that the information you are reading is indeed correct and has been fact checked and reviewed. If at any time you do find a major error, it would be appreciated of you to contact us so that we may take immediate action.

“You as a reader can be certain that the information you are reading is indeed correct”

The contents of the news magazine has been divided into unique sections. As the editor, I would like to act as your “tour guide” and take you through what you could expect from each section. The sections have been well pondered upon and selected for their relevance to the college, as well as amount of content that is able to be written about it.

TAV and Community: This section is quite probably the most general section of all; It is reserved for any and all news relating to TAV College or the geographic area surrounding the institution. You will find articles about significant people, events, places, etc. all revolving around the above mentioned topics.

Creative: This section will be geared towards an almost endless possibility of article topics. This section will steer clear of “hard news” and simply give readers entertaining literature, that may stimulate or frustrate their mind. Also, it may serve as an outlet to anyone who is interested in submitting their creative writing.

Science: This section is quite self explanatory. It will cover a vast array of topics relating to the sciences both here at TAV College and on a global scale. A small section titled “Science Explained” will be published in each article, which will explain, with more simple vocabulary, the scientific explanations of various phenomena.

Editorials: This section will cover the writer’s opinion on the topic they have chosen. The articles will present an argument, the opposing argument(s) and finally, will allow the reader to come to a conclusion. I should mention that if a reader would like to send the TAV Times a rebuttaled commentary on an editorial they have read, they may do so by e-mail:

Lifestyle: This section will cover the topics that affect our daily lives and will deliver some in- sight on the luxuries of being a human being. You may come across articles based upon the topics which include, but are not limited to: Food and beverage, film, music, live performance, health and fitness. These articles may be written in the form of a review, or simply that of a creative writing piece.

As the editor of the news magazine, I am very open to suggestions from our readers. There- fore, if you have any, please communicate them to me and to us (the writers). As an example, you may want the news magazine to incorporate a new section for articles, or inform us that the layout is confusing and misguided. Nonetheless, suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

This project was started by TAV College to give its students and young writers a professional experience. The experience these writers gain could be an excellent example used in a university portfolio. With that being said, I speak to any student reader who has something they wish to say,

“I speak to any student reader who has something they wish to say”

come join your college news magazine and express that opinion to others!

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