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  • Chana Leah Natanblut

Café Éclair: A Café like no other

A Cafe like no other

Images source: Chana Leah Natanblut

If you are looking for a fun and unique coffee shop and a great study spot, Café Éclair is for you!

Café Éclair is a hidden-in-plain-site coffee shop located in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, on 12 Maguire St. My friend and I were about to cross a street when I noticed the small sign. I was taken aback by the original layout of the overall shop. The place itself is not huge but there is more than enough for everyone to feel comfortable and have their own space. When a person walks in, they are met with comfortable couches to the right. There was also a wall-to-wall bookshelf filled with small pencils and papers for a customer to write notes, various books, and different plants. In the center, there is one big, oval-shaped table with green bar-stools lining the left side. On the other side stood the barista, behind him was a sink, and a small unit attached to the wall with all sorts of teas. I truly enjoyed how there wasn't a separation between employee and client. It creates a very friendly environment, especially for people like myself who enjoy meeting and having short, interesting discussions with new people. At the end of the room was a picture that changed colours, it very much added to the unique experience this coffee shop gives you. I loved how many plants and books there were. The place felt very spacious and relaxing.

I decided to get a cup of ginger tea. I saw the barista checking the temperature of my tea a few times until it was just right. The cups themselves were cute. You are served your drink in a cup with the remainder in a tea press; an idea I find very enjoyable. I also noticed how the barista was so friendly when he spoke to other clients, and how he tried to do a specific design for a young boy's latte. The tea itself was great. I noticed they also serve food. Their website says that they offer take-out as well.

I really enjoyed finding such a different cafe, there were many students when I came but it wasn't crowded or busy. I am definitely looking forward to my next trip here, maybe I will find another cafe to write about!

"The best coffee in Montreal"- Barista of the day

"The best-designed coffee shop in the whole city"- Regular customer

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