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An Homage to the past


The land is purchased and converted into a massive plot for agricultural purposes.


The existing building is built by the Royal Bank (RBC). The chief architect at the time. Summer Godfrey Davenport, a Massachusetts born Harvard Graduate designed the bank with a simple, post-war "Art Deco" style, much like many banks in Montreal of its time. "In the post-war period, banking architecture no longer needed to be inspired by the architecture in order to inspire confidence, since banking institutions have been able to prove their stability lasting through time" (BC2 Cultural Heritage investigation.) Davenport was responsible for the design of many RBC banks across Canada.


Decarie Autoroute opens! Before 1912, Decarie was an avenue and was actually made of clay until the beginning of the 20th Century (BC2 Cultural Investigation.)

1975, 1968 & 1989

The building underwent interior refurbishment works three times.


The building was purchased by the SPVM (Service de Police de a Ville de Montréal) and renovated to create a station. Interestingly, they made the decision to keep a massive safe in the building, on the ground level near the entrance.

Information and maps provided by BC2 Cultural heritage investigation Services.


TAV College purchases the property to build a third structure to expand their campus!

Photos by Justin Hand-Gregory

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