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  • Mitchell Stein

Acing the Interview

During our attempt to overcome the ever-daunting conquest of job-searching, we are always striving to showcase our workplace abilities, such as the valuable skills we acquired during our time in school or perhaps in previous positions. We often forget to display some of the most important personality traits that can make all the difference in helping us land our dream job, or make us truly stand out in the workplace. While the economy may change significantly over time, these skills are almost guaranteed to never become outdated, regularly being the most important part that job seekers look for. As technology and communication continue to adapt with time, recruiters are increasingly looking for employees willing to adapt along with it. These aforementioned skills range from a wide variety of interpersonal skills that showcase one’s ability to work with team members, communicate, as well as their willingness to try new things. These personality traits remain the most important part of transferable skills that employers are looking for in new employees. So, want to land your dream job? Be sure to keep these valuable skills in mind and at their best during your next job search!


Regardless of the role or industry of your career path, effective communication is essential. The ability to communicate strategies or plans with other employees, customers, or managers, is perhaps the most important skill to help ensure one’s success in the workforce. Fortunately, there have been many tools to help employees effectively communicate with one another. For example, some great softwares include Google or Slack (a team communication software.) However, the most important part to this is remembering to communicate and to not be lazy!

Ability to Work in a Team:

Like communication, the ability to work with large groups on a collaborative project is an important skill set to improve upon. It is likely that most positions will require you to communicate and collaborate with the other employees that make up your department. Your ability to work in a team will greatly depend on your willingness to listen to feedback/criticism, support the ideas and the work of others, as well as your ability to take initiative in your role. Teamwork requires great communication and positive encouragement, regardless of your role, and that includes sharing the success of your work with your team. Being a key team player is essential to being an integral part of the workplace.

Willingness to Continue Learning:

This may not sound valuable, but it’s important for prospective employees to show their willingness to learn and try new things, showing that despite any change that may come to your role or the corporation, you are always willing to adapt to change and new challenges. Technology may change, your management leadership may be restructured, or perhaps your position will be altered, but employers want to see that they can have someone to rely on to advance their skills and adapt to new challenges.

Show That You’re Flexible:

With the change in the way that we work and communicate, employers are also looking for employees that are flexible in their time, their adaptability, and their ability to take feedback. It’s important to be able to provide your flexibility when it comes to taking evaluation from peers and managers and allowing yourself to be flexible to the needs of your organization. This includes your ability to work with a team and work with feedback, and your flexibility and willingness to try new ideas will be the most important part of mastering these skills.

Always Be Positive:

Negativity in the workplace is never a good idea. Show that you’re positive about new ideas, projects, and change, and also always be positive about your previous work experiences and employers, as negativity will always shine through and create a disadvantage for you in your job search. Plus, no one wants to work with Mr. or Mrs. Negative Nelly.

Searching for jobs can be challenging, but when the time comes to showcase your personality, don’t forget to prominently showcase yourself through these traits. Most importantly, be transparent and allow yourself to shine through your work!

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